Bday Adventures

Bracketed by a cop pulling me over for speeding and running a stop sign on Monday and managing to break a toilet on Friday, I spent some time down south for my birthday and spring break. On Wednesday, I made tiramisù for Laura, based on Marco's recipe. I even managed to find real savoiardi at Southern Season and sweet marsala wine at Weaver Street. I'm not sure if I whipped the egg whites enough, as the tiramisù was a bit gooey, but it was hella tasty and surprisingly easy to make. Next time, I'll use my brand-new Cuisinart stick blender, which I'm far too excited about for my own good, to whip the egg whites. To top it all off, Juline made me this fucking awesome knitted skull purse. I thought 31 would be treating me well until one of the department secretaries today asked, "So, you haven't hit 40 yet, have you?" Oofa.


Anonymous said…
eventually made! hehe it looks emm....gooey? :) but hella tasting as you wrote hehe. I didn't understand really well what you used to ehip the eggs but, if you used the same "stick blender" that I can see on that picture...well I think that's wahy the tiramisù was not "strong" enough. You should use something like this:
anyway I am waiting for the mupphins recipe ;)
ciao ciao

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