How 'bout them apples?

I got my first issue of New York Teacher in the mail yesterday. Apparently since I work for a state university, someone thought I would appreciate being reminded of this by receiving a newsletter printed on what appears to be legal-size or larger paper. The newsletter is put out by NYSUT, which I assume is the New York State Union of Teachers, but I can't find the expanded acronym anywhere on their site and the newsletter indicates the organization also covers "professionals in health care." Oooook.

Having never before been aware of this organization, I was confused when it arrived in my mailbox with a little profile picture of Hillary Clinton in the upper left corner. My first thought was that it was some kind of republican propaganda labelling Clinton as a slut.

The website for NYSUT is Like Sara's unfortunate mistyping of the address of the local Durham NBC affiliate channel 17, I found out that accidentally putting an L in the web address (and forgetting it's an .org) gets you a veeeery different kind of teacher-student relationship.


ckorn said…
Ah, the wonders of google alerts. New York State United Teachers is the state union representing education workers throughout New York. As a state employee at SUNY, I'm guessin, you would be a member of United University Professions (UUP), your local union, and NYSUT. We fight for better salaries, working conditions and funding for SUNY and public schools, for example, so its important we be understood in cyberspace. And, that's for letting me know about that unfortunate typo. That's never happened to me. Carl
Wow, big brother really is watching my little blog. ;) I'm sure that NYSUT is a great organization, and Carl points out all the things it does for educators in this great (albeit cold-ass-snowy) state.

Coming from teaching in NC, where I was "just" a graduate student and therefore probably not affiliated with any union or otherwise considered a grown-up, all the opportunities and organizations available to me as a state employee of New York are at times overwhelming. Cortland has been great about forwarding me paperwork for enrollment in retirement and health insurance benefits, even though I'm a part-time instructor. I'm eligible to apply for faculty development grants, I accrue paid vacation and sick leave... it's pretty cool getting treated like a real professor for once.

So if I were planning to stick around central NY longer than 4 more months, I'd look into all the opportunities that SUNY and NYSUT afford me. Since I'm not, I was bewildered by Hillary and the acronym. Besides, if you misspell practically any organization, you get a porn site.
SS said…
Thanks for the laugh. See, we were in NC, so I thought the station called itself "NC 17". Or maybe "NC 17" just sounded familiar to me.

And, about the earlier comment, I got an email from someone who didn't like the content of the systerhood site. That email really bugged me. At least your comment was informative and not judgmental.
Chris Cameron said…
Unions suck. Are they gonna force you to pay them dues money in exchange for that newsletter?

And I'll have to check out It sounds promising. :)

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