So in the last week or so, my desktop computer got all wonky, necessitating my finishing the CRAC paper on the lappy. Yesterday, I got an email saying Cortland had rejected my small grant proposal to buy vernier calipers that aren't a) plastic and b) in the imperial system so that I can teach my students to, you know, measure bones to figure out sex and stature. Today, the lappy was misbehaving when I connected it to the projector at school - although a reboot fixed it. We went to dinner and then to one of the local art-house theatres to see Persepolis around 7. As we got there, we heard a fire alarm. And people started streaming from the theatre. Three firetrucks pulled up. After 5 minutes of standing in the -14-with-windchill weather and no indication of what was going on, we headed home. Fired up the lappy, turned on American Idol and... screen goes black in windows. Patrick thinks it might be a problem with the backlight in windows. Reboot into ubuntu. Same thing. *sigh* After a week, I have no reliably working computer, I have to teach with shitty equipment, and I didn't even get to see a movie that surely would have put my crappy day/week in perspective. At least I had a tasty meal at Moosewood.


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