Where in the world is...

Given a time limit and an outline map, how well do you know the countries of the world and the geography of the U.S.? I found the Europe and South America tests online, and then Patrick decided he wanted to create the others. Be sure to pass along the US ones to your foreign friends to see how well they do.

Europe - There are 49 countries, and you have 5 minutes. KK's score: 32 (because I couldn't remember which were in Asia and which were Europe)

South America - There are 13 countries, and you have 3 minutes. KK's score: 9 (but I was cheated, because I couldn't spell one)

United States - There are, of course 50 states, and you have 5 minutes. KK's score: 50 in 4:11.

US Capitals - Again, 50 capitals in only 7 minutes. KK's score: 35 (stupid fly-over states)

Africa - 50 countries, 7 minutes. KK's score: 28 (and I forgot some of the big, easy-to-remember ones)

Post your scores in the comments!


Andy said…
40 out of 49. I couldn't spell two of the tiny ones or I would have had 42. Stupid mediterranean island countries. Who remembers those? 11 out of 13 in South America. Couldn't spell one. there. I would be hosed on the Africa version of this game.
Chris Cameron said…
Indeed, you must be retarded, becaues I got 47 out of 49 on Europe, but it should have been 48 because Azerbaijan is hard to spell. And I got all of South America in less than a minute and a half. French Guiana is also on my shit list along with Azerbaijan.
Anonymous said…
The African one left out Western Sahara...it's definitely a country...either that or my version was messed up because the quiz didn't recognize Western Sahara as a country and it still is as far as my History of Africa professor is concerned...
Anonymous said…
States - 50 with 3:11 to go
Capitals - 45 (46 if I'd remembered Salem 2 seconds earlier)
Africa - 30 (whaddya mean Rhodesia isn't a country anymore)
South America - 12 (French Guyana is spelled with an I since when??)
Europe - 38 (stupid former soviet union..)
Sidebartista said…
Europe - 34, many hard countries start with M.
South America - 12/13
US Capitals - 50, but only after four tries. The first time I got 29.
Africa - 28. I agree about Western Sahara being a country.

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