I won!

I never win anything. When I was in middle school, I desperately wanted a computer. My dad told me to enter this essay-writing competition that the local Hardee's (seriously) was holding to win an AppleIIe (or whatever Mac was popular in 1988). He said that if I were meant to have a computer, I would win that contest. I diligently wrote my 25-word (seriously) explanation of why computers were the future and waited. But I didn't win. And didn't get a computer until my 16th birthday (unless you consider the Atari computers "real" - but with an external hard drive that crashed if you jumped on the floor too hard, it was a sad excuse for a computer).

My point is that, outside of the Olin Mills portrait that I won by signing my mom up at Roses and the free meal at Bonanza that I got from filling out a comment card with all "Terrible" performance reviews, I haven't ever really won anything. And today that all changed. Yesterday was community appreciation day at my local community college's gym, and they gave us granola bars and fitness water and let us enter a raffle for a free one-month membership (valued at $30!). They called me today, and I won, beating out 40 other people! Woo hoo! I likely would have given them the $30 a month anyway, since it's a cute little gym with fancy TVs on every cardio machine, and the TC3 students are hardly ever there. But I feel very communally appreciated now. Or something.


Chris Cameron said…
Yay! Now if only you could win at something else -- like life... :-p

Congrats, and hope you're finally learning to navigate the snow up there. Just remember that it's illegal to drive with snow and ice and crud on your car.

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