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My mom called me this afternoon, from the car on the way to Blacksburg for tomorrow's football game, with her boyfriend.

Mom: "Hey, what do you call that symbol on the keyboard? There's like a period and a semicolon and a little star."
Me: "What? The asterisk?"
Mom: "Yeah, how do you say that?"
Me: "I just said it. Asterisk. What's going on?"
Mom: "Oh, Sonny had a call-in contest on the radio yesterday. Because people pronounce it wrong. He said that anyone who called in and told him the right way to pronounce it would get a signed picture of him. So you get a signed picture of Sonny Randle now!"
Me: "Uhm. Great."
Mom: "How do you spell asterisk?"
Me: "A-S-T-E-R-I-S-K."
Mom: "So it's as-trisk?"
Me: "No, as-ter-isk."
Mom: "As-trisk?"
Me: "No, pronounce the E. Like aster-risk."
Mom: "What a weird word."
Me: "It's Greek. It means little star. Aster, like in astrology. The -isk part is a diminutive. You know, like in Italian a diminutive ending is -ello. Or -ina. Kind of how my name means little Christ."
Mom: "It does? I named you little Christ!"
Me (laughing): "Yeah, you did. Thanks for that."
Mom: "I thought it was a nice name. Diminutives, huh? Sonniskos! Sonnino! Sonny Randliskos!"
Me: "OK, mom, I have stuff to do. Talk to you later."


Chris Cameron said…
I don't like Blacksburg.

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