Pre-Halloween Ghost Story

In my senior year of high school, my grandmother's oldest brother, Frank, died at the age of - well, we're not entirely sure, since no one could find his birth certificate. (And we knew that my great-grandparents' recall wasn't so good, since my grandmother found out in her seventh decade of life that she was actually a year older than she thought she was.) Frank had been married to Lou, but they never had any kids, although she had one or two from a previous marriage, and she pre-deceased him by a few years. As a kid, I was kind of scared of Uncle Frank, since he was quite tall and quite thin, almost skeletal in his later years. But he was always laughing when the family got together for Thanksgiving and played Pokeno. When he died, my grandma and mom went through his little rent-controlled apartment in a retirement community in Passaic, throwing out jars of tomato sauce and leafing through old documents. Frank had a fair amount of money when he died, and he left chunks of it to his grand-nieces and nephews. It wasn't a lot, but it helped me graduate from UVa debt-free.

As I was talking to my mom this evening, she casually said, "Oh, I have to tell you about your Uncle Frank!" I said, "Uhm, is he not dead or something?" "Funny you should ask - the people who are living in his old apartment have started seeing him!" The couple who moved in never really met Frank, although they did know who he was and knew what he looked like, as they had seen him around. This started a few weeks ago, according to my mom, when the couple bumped into my grandmother at bingo and mentioned that they thought they had seen a tall, thin man with thinning, dark hair at their front door. They thought it was nothing, maybe someone passing by outside, but it started happening more often. The gentleman saw Frank walking through the apartment, and a few days ago saw him in his pajamas in the bathroom. Just yesterday, a letter for Frank showed up in their mailbox - a $200 rebate from the Craftmatic adjustable bed company.

My mom's theory now is that Frank left something in the apartment and is trying to tell us to go look for it. My mom thinks he squirreled away a bunch of cash in the walls or under the floor. I think he hid documentation about illegitimate children somewhere. My mom's coming up to NJ in the next couple weeks to visit my grandmother, so they're gonna go visit Uncle Frank and see if they can figure out "why he's not at rest" as my mom put it. In the meantime, if you know any psychics or people who specialize in talking to ghosts or other paranormal phenomena, let me know so that I can pass it along to my mom.

I can only hope this story gets better and more hilarious. Although the fact that my great-uncle is haunting people is truly awesome on its own.


SS said…
Freaks me out just reading about it.
Chris Cameron said… how'd it turn out? i've been waiting days to hear the conclusion but i suspect wenner-gren has been preventing me from having my curiosity satisfied. so blog. i demand it.

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