Retail archaeology (guest post by Patrick)

I went to the Southworth (Dryden) Library book sale today to pick up some cheap books. I was not disappointed. I got couple of classics, something funny, something useful, and, uh, a Vanilla Ice CD. When I went to check out, the volunteer at the desk put my books in a small, blue plastic bag. I thought nothing more of it until I noticed a receipt in the bag. The bag and receipt are both from the Ithaca Montgomery Ward, which has been defunct for years. (It was in Pyramid Mall, where Old Navy and AC Moore are now.) Click the receipt for the shocking details: on September 20, 1996, some anonymous buyer purchased "Chewy teeth" and "Squeaky" for $2.50. On credit. Our modern consumerist lifestyle dates at least as far back as 1996.


Of course this person bought chewy teeth - they were on sale!
Also, when I was a kid sometimes my mom would give me and Doods a signed blank check to take to 7-11 to purchase candy and slurpees. So I'm not sure that charging $2.50 on their Monkey Ward card was that much worse.

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