Scandinavian Pictures - Day 1 (August 14)

Day 1 - Arrival in Denmark.

August 14 - I arrived in Copenhagen around noon, made my way to the train, got a map, and started to walk towards the hostel when a guy asked me if I spoke English. I grudgingly said yes, thinking he was going to ask for money, but it turned out he was Italian, was thrilled to death that I was living in Rome, and kept hitting on me until I nearly had to walk away. This encounter heralded an extraordinary number of Italians in Copenhagen when I was there.

Because it was nice outside, I decided to drop off my bags and wander around town. I saw the outside of the Thorvaldsen Museum (an artist who spent lots of his life in Rome); the statue of Bishop Absalon, who founded Copenhagen in 1167; and went to the Rundetaarn, the Round Tower, built in 1637-42 as an observatory. The tower was worth its 25 kr entry fee, offering interesting views of downtown Copenhagen, as well as internal views of one of the two toilets that survive from the creation of the tower and the paved spiral ascent, which Tsar Peter the Great rode up on horseback.

It was still light, so I wandered over to Rosenborg Slot (Castle) built in 1648. I did not go in, but I did take some pictures of Rosenborg Have and Kongens Have (two parks). Finally, I took a picture of Nyhavn, which is one of the most recognizable sights of Copenhagen, and tried to take a picture of a cow suspended over the Stroget, the pedestrian shopping street.


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