Roman Tshirts: The Sequel

I know you've all been eagerly awaiting another installment of weird Italian tshirts. These are unfortunately not as good as the last ones (and there is one that was a shopping bag and not a tshirt), but here goes. All of these were spotted on or from the tram, which remains the prime location for spotting questionable fashion.

On the tram, I saw a guy wearing this shirt. Just a white tshirt with black lettering - you know, the kind that looks ironed on, the slightly raised velvety letters from tshirts of the heydey of roller disco in the 70s and 80s. At first, I considered he could have thought it was a place. Duke, Montana rather than Butte, Montana. Then I just figured the two words sounded good together, so he got a tshirt. Well, I googled when I got home, and it turns out that Duke Montana is a local rapper. Yes, folks, a very white, very Italian, very romano rapper. I couldn't find this particular tshirt online, but feel free to read all about Duke Montana here.

From the tram one day, I spotted a woman waiting for a bus who had an odd shopping bag. The Calvin graphic caught my immediate attention, and I tried hard to read the information on the bag so that I could search for it when I got home. All I could read, though, was the first line which said, I swear, Dr. Kinky. I unfortunately have no idea what Dr. Kinky trafficks in. It is possible that I misread and it was a bag from Kinky Boots, but I don't think so. No amount of searching for Dr. Kinky, Mr. Kinky, or Calvin helps me figure out what the hell kind of store this is. I do suspect that, like De Niro Spy News, Italians are freely using a copyrighted image.

Just today, I spotted a guy wearing this tshirt. On the front it simply said JMMS Honor Roll, and on the back was something like this. The honor roll part caught my attention because it was in English and because I doubt that Italian schools have this concept. So I swung around a bit to see the back of his shirt, to see if I could get any indication which school this was and where. It's James Monroe Middle School, but I did not get any more information than that. The mascot was some kind of bird, but I'm not sure which kind. I did try looking for which school this might be, and the closest I came was a JMMS in Albuquerque. Their mascot is the raptor, but I can't find a picture anywhere on their website. But I can't figure out why this guy would be wearing this tshirt. He didn't look like a tourist at all - he didn't look lost (all Americans on the tram look lost), and he didn't look American (American men don't wear capri pants). I guess that, along with the clothing drop that brought the Old Navy Halloween shirt, this JMMS shirt was dropped too.

And I've saved the best for last... as I was heading to the train station to leave for Copenhagen last week, a woman got on the bus. She was about 60 years old and was wearing this tshirt with a pair of generic old-lady pants. I stared at her for several minutes trying to figure out what would possess a woman to wear a shirt with a dripping red logo that proclaimed she had her period. Turns out, it's the logo for a band called The Cramps, a punk rock band formed back in 1972. Their 1985 single "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" hit number 68 on the UK singles chart in 1985. I feel kinda sorry for that woman who was wearing the shirt. It's possible that she herself was a punk rocker in her mid-20s and still has a shirt from the time. But it's more likely that she got it from the cargo cult shipment.


Chris Cameron said…
Maybe Italians are just even more of a sucker for free tshirts than Americans are. And these somehow all ended up being given away? I dunno -- the middle school honor roll one is definitely the weirdest one you've posted so far.
Anonymous said…
It could have been worse. The shirt could have said The Runs in drippy, brown writing.
Lynn said…
My favorite puzzling t-shirt is still the one I saw on a rack in Germany. It was at a store catering to young teens, by the look and size of the shirts, and the shirt said "Teacher F***er" (no asterisks, the real word). Just the ticket for the first day of school. Since almost all Germans know enough English to get by, I did wonder what parent would ever buy this shirt for his/her pre-pubesecent child. Unlike KK, most children are not in charge of buying their own clothes at that age!

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