Antipodean Argot

You'll all surely remember the hero of this post, Forensics, from my March blog entry about sports in Australia. Google news today helpfully gave me this news story on a touching reunion between Forensics and his rider Damien Oliver. Unfortunately, this isn't nearly as funny as the previous story, but I think I've found a new hobby in following Australian horse racing - if only for the strange turns of phrase.

Some excerpts from today's story:

"Oliver was the 'pick up' rider for Forensics in the Golden Slipper at Rosehill in March after she was a late inclusion in the final field. Forensics would have been an emergency for the Slipper but made the cut at acceptance time after Hawkes made the sacrificial withdrawal of stablemate Camarilla to give her a guaranteed start."

I like to read the second sentence without capitalization of the proper names. It sounds like the plot of a hyperbole-ridden murder mystery novel involving house shoes and birds.

"The move was too late [for] the stable's number one rider Darren Beadman, who had ridden Forensics at her first three starts but had to make an early commitment to a guaranteed stable runner in the Slipper and selected Shaft as his mount."

I don't think I even need to comment on the end of this sentence. I am pretty impressed that some Australian named his horse Shaft, even if the horse is neither black nor one bad mutha.


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