Baby needs a new pair of cuboids...

Asking one's advisor for a favor is like using a Get Out of Jail Free card in Monopoly. You know that the card will definitely eliminate the mess you have found yourself in. But at the moment, you probably only have one that you're saving for a real jam. If you use it now, with a few houses and a little cash socked away, you'll inevitably be missing it in a few turns when your houses are mortgaged and you owe taxes. The alternative is to waste time rolling the dice, hoping for doubles. With a lucky roll, though, you won't have to bother your advisor and things will work out on their own.

Today I had to use my card. I'd spent a couple days rolling the dice with my Italian colleagues about a new cemetery, but I only got more frustrated and more confused. One call from my advisor solved everything, though. My only consolation is that I managed to do well for five months on my own in a country where I barely speak the language. I shot doubles with finding an apartment and getting the first cemetery to work on.
Hopefully my luck will continue.


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