With this ring...

Today, I finished studying all the teeth that I had to go back and re-collect data on. This marked the end of my data collection on the cemetery I am analyzing and thus half of my dissertation fieldwork. I was pretty excited about this fact, since everything was tied up nicely. It's Friday, and I finished right before it was time for the lab to close. I was writing notes about the last skeleton whose teeth I was examining and realized that I just hit 100 pages in my data collection diary. Also, the skeleton whose teeth I collected last - from Tomb 76 - was the skeleton I started with on February 21. It had a whole ring composition feel to it. And then Marco came in. Bearing three boxes. Of skeletons. That he had somehow overlooked before. Granted, I'm happy he found 3 of the 6 skeletons that are missing from this site, but still. Everything was lined up so perfectly. Regardless, I bought myself a big box of lemon gelato popsicles to celebrate. They even come with a licorice stick rather than a wooden one. I hate licorice, but it's such a good idea!


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