I'm Saw Awesome

This post is for Paul, who was clearly surprised to see that I had a coping saw in my bookshelf. No pathologies today. My entire day consisted of this:

If I strung together all the pieces, it would be like one of those macaroni necklaces little kids make. Except with fragments of human femora.


Kristina disagreed with me, but does anyone else think that bone dust smells just like Doritos?
Trey said…
No, no. It smells like cornmeal or slightly burnt cornbread.
Uh, yeah...? And Doritos are made from --- duh duh duh! --- cooked/burnt cornmeal!
Anonymous said…
You're forgetting that there's a nasty cheese dusting given to them so that they smell like movie popcorn and not like bone dust. Duuuuhhh.
Kristina said…
Commenting on my own post here... am I the only one who thinks this video looks weird? I don't know if I've ever seen someone else sawing something left-handed. It just looks wrong to me.
shhh! we're talking about what foodstuffs bone dust smells like.
lara said…
i wish i could have had one of those babies for the pigs i hacked up...even if it's not really a trepanning tool
Trey said…
It only looks weird because you're left handed and you're using a right handed coping saw.