If you were a luchador...

...what would your name be? This is the question Chris posed to me today. After looking up the word, I wondered if there is a way to name yourself, in the manner of "What is your porn star name?" (Answer: Hercules Gambal). Unfortunately, there is no way to automagically generate your luchador name. So we came up with one:

1. Think of your favorite Mexican dish.
2. Add a Spanish exclamation (or something you think is one).
3. End with a city in Mexico.

And ta-da... if I were a luchador, I would be Enchilada "La Cucaracha" Oaxaca. And Chris decided on Relleno "Gringo" Baja.

What is your luchador name?


Anonymous said…
Taco Burrito "Oye hombre!" Tijuana, of course.
Anonymous said…
Chimichanga "Ay mis huevos" Acapulco. A deadly combination if I may say so.

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