Small-Nail Hard-Seed, or, Fun with Short Vowels

At lunch on Thursday, it was just me, Marco, and Pamela, who are both magazini (they work for the lab, making sure everything is catalogued, bringing me skeletons, making coffee, etc.). They're also both from Rome and have fairly thick Roman accents. After we finished our almost-daily pasta con tonno...

Pamela: Vuoi un spuntino?
Kristina: Che cosa? No conosco spuntino.
Pamela: Un spuntino. O dio. Come faccio dire... Noi mangiamo pane con nutella. Conosci pane?
Kristina: Sì.
Pamela: Pane in inglese è ...
Kristina: Bread.
Marco: Hehehe. Bread. Come Bread Pitt.
Kristina: Che cosa? No, no, no. Bread è pane. Brad è come Brad Pitt.
Marco: Eh? Brad, Brad. È la stessa parola!
Kristina: No, no, no. B-R-E-A-D. B-R-A-D. (Repeating slowly) Breeeeeeead... Braaaaaad.
Pamela: Breeed, Braaaahhhd.
Kristina: Sì, ok, va bene!
Marco: Bread Pitt!

It's honestly hopeless attempting to teach Italians the differences among English short vowels. It did amuse me to think about Bread Pit, though. Hm, perhaps that's a good name for my future restaurant.


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