Gordon Sumner Anderson

Yesterday, my mom, Sara (my new Italian roommate), and I went to the landlord's house in Ariccia for lunch. His wife made us a giant lunch, complete with 3 bottles of wine (one for each course) and coffee. After lunch, we were watching the landlord's Live Aid 1985 DVDs, because Sara wanted to see Freddy Mercury and Queen. Before they came on, Dire Straits were playing with Sting singing "I want my MTV." This conversation ensued:

Sara: Mi piace Sting.
Me: Anch'io, molto.
Sara: But I like him better now because he is older.
Me: I know what you mean.
Sara: When he was younger, he looked funny. And he tried to be an actor.
Me: Yeah, he was in Dune and other small roles.
Sara: Yes, and MacGyver.
Me: No, Sting wasn't on MacGyver.
Sara: Yes, he was. Sting is MacGyver.
Me [laughing]: No, MacGyver is a different actor.
Sara: It was Sting. Everyone in Italy knows that Sting is MacGyver.
Me [laughing hysterically]: I'm telling you, they're not the same person. Non mi credi?
Sara: No, I will look it up on the internet.
Me: Mm-hm. E Roberto Benigni e Silvio Berlusconi... la stessa persona, si?
Sara [laughing]: No, ma Sting e MacGyver, si!

Anyway. Poor Sting. Getting confused with Richard Dean Anderson by the entire Italian population.


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