February 17, 2007

Bloggin' from the Lavanderia

So I decided to pay 8 euros and have my clothes washed and dried. That seemed a reasonable price to me. And it comes with 15 minutes of internet too. Yee haw. I just ate dinner at an Indian takeaway place. It was kinda bland, but the chickpeas and lentils were a welcome respite from pasta and bread. Now I will have clean clothes again and don't have to wear the groddy, gross-smelling jeans I have been wearing for at least 5 days now. Ugh. Handwashing underwear is one thing, but attempting to wash and dry jeans is another thing entirely.

Here's hoping that tomorrow I will have a new place to live. Check that - an actual place to live. I wonder if there's a word in Italian for someone who lives in a hostel. Ostelleria? Ostellabita?

On another note, whereas in the US drycleaners are run by Chinese, in Italy, apparently they are all run by Indians.


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