Buone Notizie!

It seems that I have a free place to stay while taking the free intensive seminar on funerary archaeology in Rome. I also get a free lunch and free coffee each day. This is pretty effing sweet. I should take courses in random languages in random European countries more often.

In case you missed it in my old blog, here's a google maps link to where I will be staying outside of Rome. Now it's just a matter of navigating the Italian bus system with my 140lbs of luggage. Well, that's the maximum amount of luggage I can bring. I hope to bring less, but you never know with all the books.

This means that after two weeks of the course, I can just stay in the apartment/lab complex and do my research. At least, I hope I can stay there. I plan to just unpack my stuff and... stay. Como se dice "squatters' rights" in italiano?


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