Who Needs an Osteologist? (Installment 8)

Via Dr. Carlina de la Cova... National Geographic Channel needs an osteologist:

One could argue that by "kid" they mean "juvenile goat," but that limb bone is not juvenile.  And doesn't look like goat to me (looks like a deer metatarsal, but my zooarch skills are admittedly quite rusty). Thoughts?

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Sian said…
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! NOOO! You have failed me :(
I haven't done any zooarch since I was at uni either but it certainly isn't human
Abby said…
I'm doing faunal analysis right now, and that is definitely an Artiodactyl metapodial. Although I cannot tell for sure, it looks like a metacarpal, probably of a deer.
Anonymous said…
it is the humerus of a deer, You can see the ulna to the right
Karin Scott said…
It is a metacarpal of a bovid (cloven-hoofed, ruminant mammals) probably size II (sheep sized)/III (cow sized). More likely size III. the 1st phalanx (finger bone) and 3rd phalanx (hoof) is clearly visible. Definitely NOT juvenile. No species id will be possible form the distal end (depicted in the photo).

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