What's smeg, ma?

I was in Saturn today, which is Europe's equivalent of Circuit City, looking for a microphone for the computer. (I found one, by the way, for under 4E.) In addition to electronics, Saturn sells appliances, both small and large. To get to the computer section of the store, I had to pass the refrigerators. And I saw a lime-green retro-styled fridge labeled SMEG. I didn't have a camera to take a photo of this, but fortunately there are loads of pics online. I discovered that Smeg is an appliance company and that they sell these 50s-style fridges not only in lime green, but also in white with a rose, orange, Union Jack, and stripey among others. (I have to admit, I kinda like stripey.) Below are some pictures. I still can't get over the fact that this company voluntarily calls itself Smeg.

: As Patrick noted in the comments, Smeg is actually an Italian company, and it's an acronym. Somehow, the fact that Italians call their refrigerators Smeg is even funnier to me. I don't understand why they make Union Jack fridges, though, if they're Italian.


Anonymous said…
Not British. Smeg is (among, ahem, other things) an Italian appliance company.
Tina said…
yes Smeg is an italian Comany

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