How to Blog in Bioarchaeology and Palaeopathology - #PPA2016

This morning in a workshop on media and outreach in palaeopathology (organized by Piers Mitchell of Cambridge) at the Paleopathology Association meeting, I presented a snazzy Prezi on writing at the intersection of science, journalism, and new media.  It includes what I hope are some useful, practical tips, as well as links to learn more, but I also said a lot of stuff that isn't in the Prezi.

In the interest of openness that permeates really everything that I do, here's the Prezi for your enjoyment (and if the embedded Prezi doesn't work, try this link)... and if you want to see my notes, they're in a Google doc here:

As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have some interesting research that you want me to write about for any of my various public-facing outlets. My goal is always to make you and your work look good... and, of course, to get as many clicks as possible from as many diverse people as possible.


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