What I Wrote This Month @Mental_Floss - Roman Skeletons, Roman Poo, and Badgers!

Since I've been posting collections of my Forbes work on a monthly basis, I figured I would post my mental_floss writing as well.  Here are the three things that have come out so far...

  • 14 March -- 6 Practical Ways the Romans Used Human Urine and Feces in Daily Life.  Who doesn't like Roman pee and poo? This was fun to write, as I got to talk to two awesome historians (Sarah Bond and Miko Flohr) about their research into the topic. I particularly love the poo-emoji-plus-Colosseum that the graphics folks cooked up.  It makes me laugh.
  • 17 March -- 6 Archaeological Finds Made by Badgers.  I actually set out to find more examples of badger-archaeology, but this is all I came across.  Now it looks like I am obsessed with listicles and the number 6, but it's honestly a coincidence.  This was also fun to write, mostly because I got to make a "honey badger" reference.
Mental_floss isn't terribly consistent yet about how they classify my pieces, but if you click here, you should be able to see my stories that are classified correctly.

So for those of you who hate Forbes' adblocker-blocker and find it hard to read my stuff there, please do check out the pieces I'm writing for mental_floss, which isn't as obnoxious with ads.  As always, please share widely if you like these articles and want me to write more.  If you have suggestions for mental_floss pieces I could write (explainers, listicles, and "today I learned..." type pieces work best there), do let me know!


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