Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXVI

Roman skeleton news from the spoooookiest month of the year!

Newly discovered Etruscan sarcophagus (photo via Tutto Oggi)

Elsewhere in the Empire
  • 12 October. Ancient Treasures Discovered in Cyprus Tomb Complex (LiveScience). This 4th century BC tomb has several chambers and a whole bunch of cool stuff, but alas no word on any potential bones.
    Contents of one of the pithos tombs from Turkey
    (Photo via Daily Sabah)

Roman Culture


Nick T said…
Hi Kristina,

You might want to correct your comment about the Lincoln burial. The original article says it is the most northerly burial found at Lincoln, i.e. the first found next to the Roman road leading North out of the town. "The most northerly Roman burial ever found" will be in Scotland.

Well done on the Ben Carson article - the comments were revealing about the 'fandom' nature of presidential candidacy, and the inability of some to accept even the most reasoned criticism of their favourite,

Keep up the good work,

Thanks for the correction, Nick. I've fixed it. And thanks for your kind words about the Carson article. :-)

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