10 Photos Taken in 2 Icelandic Cemeteries by My 6-Year-Old

We're just back from a family vacation in Iceland (yes, it was amazing; yes, you should visit if you ever have the opportunity) and I thought I'd share some photos of the two cemeteries we visited.  Instead of sharing my pictures, though, here are the shots my 6-year-old daughter took.  She's getting good at taking photos and seems to have a real eye for cemetery photography in particular.

Cemetery at the Keldur farm, Rangárvellir, south-west Iceland:

I really like this one because the flowers cover all the identifying
information about this person.  The -dottir part simply means "daughter of."

The turf house can be glimpsed in the background here.

And my family and I can be glimpsed in the background here.

Off to the left, the cemetery, which is on a hill,
gives way to a sloping field full of cows.

The Icelandic at the top seems to mean something like
"memory lives." I like the composition of this shot.

HĂłlavallagarĂ°ur cemetery in Reykjavik, which has been named one of Europe's loveliest cemeteries:

It looks like one of those pictures that has been desaturated
save for one highlight color. But this is what it actually looked like. I love it. 
Weeds poking up through two headstones.

Here again, the contrast between the white stones
and the bright flowers is common in this cemetery.

A little bird on a headstone.

A red-orange flower growing in weeds around a headstone.
While a lot of her pictures are still blurry or poorly composed (especially her photos of people), she's getting a lot better at photography and frequently steals her dad's camera to give us an idea of what she finds interesting.  And I like seeing the slight perspective shift in photos taken by a 4-foot-tall kid.

For another fun example of "hobbit-height views" of a cemetery, see Howard Williams' blog post at ArchaeoDeath about letting his son loose in a cemetery with a camera.

(All photos in this post carry a CC-BY-SA NC license.  Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes with full credit.)


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