This week at Forbes: Scurvy at Trump SoHo, Pot Polish in Canada, and Pegasi in Cloudsdale

This is what I wrote this week on my blog at Forbes:

  • 'Pot Polish' on Bones from Franklin's 1845 Arctic Expedition Is Evidence of Cannibalism. This is the latest article to come out on the Franklin Expedition, as research on it seems to be pretty well-funded by the Canadian government.  Basically, this article argues that cannibalism is not just one practice but a range of practices, and this new evidence shows end-stage cannibalism, when bones were crushed for marrow and then boiled to extract the last remaining nutrients.
  • What Cloudsdale and Pegasi in 'My Little Pony' Teach Kids about Classical Greece and Rome. This is a bit different than my normal posts, since it's about the field of classical reception (or: how modern people use and understand classical references), but I've watched a bunch of MLP with my 6-year-old.  Turns out, the classical allusions in MLP are to popular conceptions of the Greco-Roman world and not actually to the Greco-Roman world per se.
Upcoming: later today, a post on an historical mass grave, and later this week, posts on structural violence and maybe one on revenants (vampires! zombies!) if I get around to it.


Anonymous said…
I appreciate the weekly Forbes roundups. Fascinating stories!

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