Third Forbes post - London Crossrail dig hits beheaded Romans

Yesterday, the Crossrail Facebook page posted a video interview with lead archaeologist Jay Carver, who gives a little tour of the current finds at the Liverpool station. (If you've been living under a rock or just don't really follow British news, the Crossrail is a new London train line expected to be in service in 2018. Excavations are producing more archaeological material in a year than Britain has seen in decades, so it's fascinating following all the announcements coming out.)

These Roman finds include a cooking pot filled with cremains, a row of skulls peeking out of the dirt, and a burial with the head placed between the shins. It's hard not to see these as some form of punishment, and the idea that these may be Boudicca's rebels from her 60 AD uprising against the Romans meant it was too good a story for me to pass up.

Click over to Forbes to read "London Crossrail dig hits beheaded Romans."


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