Philip who? Philip II, now philippier than ever!

Figure 5 from Antikas and Wynn-Antikas. Cranium of
male adult in Tomb 2 at Vergina showing warping from
Last October, I covered the breathless news from a press conference on the reanalysis of skeletal remains from Vergina.  Theodore Antikas and his team were pretty confident they'd found Philip II and his seventh wife, a Scythian princess. Their peer-reviewed article came out in IJOA on Monday, so I covered it for Forbes last night... and then the Daily Mail did their usual cut/paste/link/CRAZYHEADLINE thing, and the result is 100,000 views for me.

If you haven't seen it yet, click over to "Alexander the Great's Father Found in Tomb with Foreign Princess."  Don't worry about the rather sensational headline... I caution against a definitive identification by the end of the article.


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