Hyoidkus - 17 syllables about the hyoid

I took an introductory class in human osteology three times, not because I didn't get good grades but because each time I felt like I could learn even more about the human skeleton. And each time I had a different study strategy: as an undergrad, I read the book and did my best in class but completely failed to learn about teeth; as an aspiring grad student, I created note cards to memorize vocabulary; and as a grad student, I made drawings and acronyms in an attempt to push my brain to learn and retain the information in a different way.

by Anatomography [CC-BY-SA-2.1],
via Wikimedia Commons
Although I am an absolutely terrible artist, I found that drawing bones was really helpful. Using the right side of my brain was particularly useful in concert with the vocab-memorization that my left brain was being asked to do.  So this is the approach I take in teaching human osteology: suggest ways that students can use both sides of their brains to learn the material.  This has the bonus effect of helping to engage multiple learning styles.

On the last lab, in addition to asking them to draw a clavicle and create a scapula out of play-doh, I had the students write haikus about the hyoid bone, with the promise that the top three would be featured here at PbO.  Over half of them involved strangulation of some sort, of course.  Here are the top three, judged completely partially by me:

Second Runner-up, Lynn:

What is the name of
the hyoid from Ohio?
It is "Ohyoid."

First Runner-up, Allison:

Fragile hidden arch
gives imagination voice
that ancestors lack.

Winner, Danielle:

Hyoids can be fun
or hyoids can be broken.
That would suck big time.

I've already promised to make them write limericks at some point in the semester, so stay tuned for the winners of those later in the semester!


Lynn said…
Limbericks, I hope.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
Yes, let's have some 'limbericks' about the hyoid bone! Anybody ... ?

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