Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XXXIII

Here is September's Roman(ish) bioarchaeology news...

New Finds and Excavations - Human

Iron Age Hillfort massacre (via Daily Mail)
Skeleton and tomb of Etruscan noble (via Discovery)
New Finds and Excavations - Animal
Horses from a Thracian
chariot (via Daily Mail)

Follow-ups and Updates

  • 4 September - Scavi archeologici a Vagnari (  Bioarchaeologist Tracy Prowse talks about her ongoing excavation and research at the site of Vagnari.
  • 19 September - Three-dimensional field recording in archaeology: an example from Gabii (Archaeology of the Mediterranean World). Rachel Opitz, the lead topographer for the Gabii Project, writes about all the cool digital models they're making at Gabii. I tried a few months back to print out one of the digitally modelled graves, but it just ended up being a big pile of plastic.



Thanks for hightlighting the sex change in the Etruscan Prince's tomb (which led to the blog post now linked below). As far as I can see, you're still the only one to have noted this online.
Unknown said…
Two interesting stories (that you might already have covered):

Uppsala unearths pagan road of old kings


Sweden's 'Pompeii' massacre baffles experts

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