So you want to be a Roman bioarchaeologist...

Along with hundreds of other people, I created a post for the Day of Archaeology, a collaborative online effort to document the vast range of things that archaeologists do in their jobs.  Mine's titled "So you want to be a Roman bioarchaeologist..." and starts off:
If you're anything like me, you've wanted to dig up the bones of dead Romans for as long as you can remember.  (Well, except for that brief period where I wanted to dig up dinosaurs and the even briefer one where I thought I might become a mathematician.)  But if you live in the southern U.S. like I do, you're certainly not discovering Roman skeletons in your garden all the time.  What does a Roman bioarchaeologist do every day?  Generally, teach, research, and talk to colleagues and the public about teaching and research.
Click through to read the rest of my essay.  And do poke around the site to read about a day in the life of some other really awesome archaeologists.


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