The Philosophy of Wikipedia

A meme is going around (thanks in large part to the web comic XKCD) that every Wikipedia page eventually ends up at the page for philosophy.  Wanna test it out?  The intrepid computer geek responsible for the Oracle of Bacon* put up a page explaining the phenomenon - including a search box, so you can submit your own test.  I learned that it takes 37 steps to get from the biological basis of this blog - "osteon" - to philosophy.  What did you learn?

* Full disclosure: I may be married to said intrepid computer geek.


Fred said…
I learned that philosophy is the study of abstraction, and is abstract thought.
Jaime said…
I learned...
1. bacon takes 19 hops to get to Philosophy.
2. flip flops takes 19 hops to get to Philosophy.
3. crayola takes 15 hops to get to Philosophy.
4. dinosaurs takes 22 hops to get to Philosophy.

I love dinosaurs.
Atoms For Space said…
NASA - 22 hops
AGM-65 - 23 hops
Death Star - 17 hops
Baseball never links to philosophy
Frances said…
I learned:
1. Homo sapiens takes 12 hops
2. Neanderthals 16
3. Australopithecine 13


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