Cavemen & Dinosaurs and Bert & Ernie

I ran across the following Sesame Street video, which shows Ernie and Bert in "caveman" days.

At least Ernie notes that cars haven't been invented yet, but "caveman" = tens of thousands of years old, not millions. Dinosaurs, though? And "ooga booga" talk? WTF, Sesame Street. I expect more from you.

(Make your own jokes in the comments about gay muppet cavemen.)


Krystal D'Costa said…
Ohhh. Sesame Street FAIL. Although the recent treatment of Cookie Monster definitely lowered them a notch in my book.
Frances said…
At first it just seemed like a novel way to educate children about crossing the road. But really, impressionable young minds should not be subjected to the "dinosaurs at the same time as humans" fairy tale. Not good, Sesame Street!

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