AAPA 2011

Quick post. I did not see Bones on Thursday because I'm at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists meeting in Minneapolis. Those of you who are at the AAPAs, stop by my poster today in Session 42 (all day poster session), number 92. I'll be there around 2pm if you want to chat about the poster, my other research, the blog, gay cavemen, what have you. And do scan the QR code if you want more info - so far, 3 hours into the poster session, no one has scanned it according to analytics.

Update (4:15pm) - Well, so far only 3 people have used the QR code on my poster. And I think all of those people were my friends. C'est la vie. You can get a copy of my poster here if you missed it. I did see some QR codes scattered around, but only on papers of people I know through Twitter or Facebook. Hope their poster click-through fared better than mine!


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