Merry Googlemas

I find shopping for Christmas presents more difficult every year. Next Christmas, my plan is to put everyone's name into Google shopping and buy something from the first page of results...

For my brother, George Clinton's The Greatest Funkin' Hits and Bill Clinton's creepy countenance:

For my mom, Gail Pettis' Here in the Moment or Gail the Giraffe:

Not a lot of interesting choices for Patrick, who gets Patrick Watson's Wooden Arms or the Harry Potter soundtrack:

Chickpea, of course, gets a pound of garbanzo beans or maybe a Japanese stuffed animal:

I could go a little further afield for Juline and get her an expensive bottle of eponymous wine or the Handbook of Consumer Behavior (whee!):

My mother-in-law can channel her inner Coal Miner's Daughter while my father-in-law channels his namesake Pauly D from Jersey Shore (and Craig gets one of a long list of CDs):

My sister-in-law can ferment, and my brother-in-law has a choice between Starship and Airplane:

Last but not least, for my soon-to-be-sisters-in-law, a reclinable racing seat for Megan and super-sexy red high heels for Yesenia:

Not sure why no one else has thought of doing all of their Christmas shopping this way!


Anyone who wants to buy me something, there's always the Kristina doll from Costco:

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