In which a computer program tells me I'm female. And ten years younger.

If you click over to URLAI, you can have your blog analyzed in terms of the gender (sic) and age of the author, and the mood and tonality of the posts. Here are the results from this blog:

Other than being annoyed at the prominent grammatical error, I'm surprised it thinks I'm younger than I actually am. It's also surprising that my tone is more personal than academic, as it looked at my last 10 posts, all of which were at least partially related to my job or my research. I wonder why it thinks I'm female? It clearly didn't pay attention to the title of the blog, or I think it would be at least 99% sure of my sex.


Anonymous said…
I am missing something: what is the grammatical error?
"The analysis is based upon 10 posts that has (sic) enough English words."
Anonymous said…
OH! Wow, I completely read over that. I see it now that you point it out, but when i read it, it said have in my mind.

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