Double Dissertweetion

Before Christmas, I finished up two more chapters and slightly revised the chapter structure of the dissertation. What was planned as one 35-page chapter on the results of my migration study has turned into four: background on the methods (25 pages), cranial nonmetrics (10 pages), strontium (35 pages), and oxygen (unfinished). I have no idea how I thought I could cover that all in one chapter initially. For better or for worse, the dissertation is definitely focused on migrants now. In fact, I've retitled it Migration and Mobility in Imperial Rome. I probably need to work on this, though, as it pains me not to write Migration to and Mobility in Imperial Rome, which is technically correct but sounds labored. Anyway, on to the faux-tweets...

Chapter 7 - Methods of Assessing Mobility (25 pages)

I will try to find immigrants using inherited traits on the skull, as well as strontium and oxygen isotope analysis of teeth.

Chapter 8 - Morphometric Analysis (10 pages)

Statistical analysis of cranial traits shows differences between chronologically separated populations but does not help find immigrants.


Unknown said…
While I can't even pretend to thoroughly understand your dissertation topic, I can say that the new title is at least modestly compelling to me, a layman with broad interests.

I can also say that I empathize with your task at hand: I spent 18 months writing and revising my dissertation: Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites.
Best of luck to you.
Anonymous said…
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Joan Stepsen
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