Teaching Statement

I'm currently in the process of applying for jobs (a couple postdocs and oodles of assistant prof jobs, none of which I am likely to get being ABD), which means I actually have to sit down and think about my teaching philosophy.

There are some weird online quizzes that you can take to tell you what kind of teacher you are. In the land of PAEI, I am more or less equal parts behaviorist and liberal, meaning I like to convey knowledge for its own sake but I also like getting my students involved, with hands-on activities wherever possible. In the land of TPI, I am equal parts transmission and apprenticeship, which basically means half lecture and half hands-on. No surprises from either of these. But a teaching statement isn't just about how to you teach but why you teach. I do like introducing students to anthropology, as it's not a subject that's taught in K-12 education and therefore something new and different and exciting. Mostly, though, I like helping students who already have a glimmer of an interest develop into full-on anthropology geeks.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the second forensic experiment with pigs that one of my (former) students has done. I would describe this project as adorable except for the fact that Heather can clearly inflict a lot of damage on bone... Can't I just include pictures of student projects instead of a written explanation of why I love teaching?


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