No Love

Teaching ANTH 101 is hard. I just got my (second set of) evals from my spring intro course. Basically, half the class loved me and half hated me. Or they hated the class. It's often hard to tell, as I don't think students separate instructor from subject matter. I find it incredibly easy to teach Human Osteology and even Bioarchaeology because they're topics that not many schools offer and are geared to upper division students. 101 is just difficult because it fulfills perspective requirements, so I had plenty of seniors (all business majors, oddly enough) who were more or less required to take ANTH 101 to graduate. Needless to say, they didn't like the class. At all. I guess I needed to sing and dance more?

I'm kind of glad I'm not teaching this semester, as it takes up a crapload of time and effort that is better directed at finishing my dissertation (or, you know, at least blogging about it). But I have some leads on classes I can adjunct in the spring. I don't really need a spring teaching job, but I might take on a class to keep busy and to put on my CV. I like to diversify my teaching portfolio - sure, I've taught Osteo and 101 twice, but I haven't ever taught intro to physical or any class that's close to my cultural-geographic specialty. It would be really cool to teach something new.


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