PEO, GTIS, and other random acronyms

I haven't exactly ramped back up my academic productivity in the past three weeks as I promised. The way I figure it, I only have one maternity leave, and I might as well learn all that I can about the baby in that time.

My original admittedly artificial deadline for the end of leave was August 1, since that's when the first lump-sum PEO check arrives to cover my fall semester expenses. But UNC doesn't start back until August 25. This seems like a reasonable date to resume my research, as the Graduate School gave me a tuition scholarship for the year, which is excellent news because PEO requires that I be enrolled but doesn't provide funding for it.

I am planning to spend the remainder of my leave attempting to work from home when given the chance and interviewing sitters so that I can work at least 20 hours per week on my dissertation for the next year. It'll be a bit hard to return to doing work when I've spent the last couple months catching up on terrible TV series while nursing and ministering to my tiny critter's every need, but I need to wrap up this project and start looking for a permanent job. Besides, my Wenner-Gren is extended only until August 31, which means I really need to continue to bug my colleague who's doing the oxygen analysis. Once all the isotope results are in, though, I should be able to figure out what they're telling me and write a dissertation about it. Right?


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