SAAs - Day 2

Well, day two has basically been a bust. I made it in early to an 8:45 paper on lead isotopes in Roman Carthage, then snuck over to a session on urbanism in the more-or-less ancient world. Mostly, I've just been going to talks where I know the speaker or have heard of him/her. But after 10am, sessions started running long and talks were never at their appropriate time. Room scheduling wasn't as good as yesterday, and several sessions were basically standing room only, as I can't wend my way past 4 people to get an empty seat. At noon, I got some much-desired mac-n-cheese at the food court and headed back to the conference where... the only two talks I wanted to see in the afternoon were cancelled. Thing is, they don't post cancellations on the door where the info for the session is. So, since things were running over, I sat through a bunch of boring papers waiting for the one I'd come to see... to no avail. Twice. Needless to say, I'm terribly cranky and ridiculously sore. I do want to go to a couple things in the morning, so I'm gonna nap and eat ice cream and save my energy for that plus a 7-hour drive back tomorrow.


Julie D. said…
I just wanted to tell you I can relate to your blog here...I've just spent the last six months dissecting and boiling the hind feet of 101 white-tailed deer for my thesis. If I had known you were at the SAA's, I would have looked you up. Your blog is great.

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