AAPAs - Day 3

So on Friday, I skipped the afternoon sessions of the meeting and hung out with my friend Tara, who did her master's at ECU with me. We had a great time reminiscing and laughed hysterically at dinner when she found a hair not only in her tandoori chicken but also in her naan. And we got some of the food comped.

I slept in on Saturday, packed, checked out, and headed to the poster session on forensics, where I ran into yet more people I met while in England last summer and found Lara for lunch. Then it was time for the afternoon bioarch session, which was better than I had expected based on previous days. Still, it wasn't a coherent session at all, ranging all over the world and all over subject matter - from a paper on musculoskeletal markers on clavicles to the Iceman to CT scans to labret use. Most were good papers, some were terrible.

The last few times I've been to the AAPAs, I've taken notes on collections or methods or theories that I felt I could use in the future. This year, I just wanted free wireless in the paper sessions so I could multitask and not feel like I was wasting time. Had I not been 32 weeks pregnant, I would have skipped most of this conference to sightsee in Chicago. The weather was actually pretty nice most days, in the 50s and sunny.

The trip back was fine. The plane ride was slightly more comfortable, we got in half an hour early, and I ran into a friend completely randomly at O'Hare while we were watching the end of the first NCAA semifinal game. Chickpea is glad to be home and not on a weirdly pressurized airplane, but I'm going to subject her to one final trip this Friday. Oofa.


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