Might for Right

Patrick and I were talking the other day, and in response to something he said, I retorted, "Nobody bothers me!" He didn't get it. I kept on, "Nobody bothers me either!" I always forget that he never really watched TV as a kid, so he doesn't share in my bizarre childhood memories of local TV commercials and get my references. Somewhere in the 80s, I would guess, there was a commercial on what must have been a TV station out of D.C. for Jhoon Rhee's martial arts studio. I just forced him to watch it while I sang along (link above if embed doesn't work):

I loved that commercial. My brother and I would act it out whenever it came on. Apparently, Jhoon Rhee is still alive and *ahem* kicking. In fact, he has been a consultant to numerous presidents and pro athletes and created National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Please tell me someone else remembers this commercial so that I can continue to make my "nobody bothers meeeee" references.


Lynn said…
oh, yeah, one more failure as a mother.
CFeagans said…
Those two kids, the little girl and boy, are both Jhoon Rhee's children (all grown up now!).

I was a Brown Belt and would've earned my Black had the Army not shipped me to Germany in 1992. I haven't seen Master Rhee in many years, but my nephew just attended a seminar he led -and said Master Rhee still does hundreds of push-ups! The last time I spoke with him, Rhee said he wanted to be the first human antique and planned to live past 130.

I won't be surprised if he does it!
cherry blossom said…
Omigod! That's so funny! I don't remember this commercial, but I actually studied his style of Tae-kwon-Do. The masters in the school that I used to go to actually learned directly from him! We had pictures of Jhoon Rhee in the school. Very cut and fit for a man his age!

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