Editing Amusement

Here's why I agree to edit novellas... for the laughter. This one is a largely autobiographical story, it seems, about how this guy grew up during the Depression and joined the Navy. Today's choice bits:
  • After a while, sleep came, and so did revelry, at 5:45 am, with the sound of a bugle.
  • The daily audio wakeup call was, "Grab your socks, let go of your cocks."
  • I had been corresponding with Vinnie by mail, but it was kind of sterile, and I couldn't wait to see him in a more touchy and feely sense.
  • Every day included lectures on Navel lore.
  • "What the fuck do you think me and the rest of the class are doing? We don't have weegie boards to consult."
And that's only in the first 10 pages. Weegie board really got to me (as Patrick can attest to).


Anonymous said…
Definitely one of those "Why are you still laughing? Are you okay over there?" moments.
Kosmo said…
I liked the "grab your socks..." line. :)
Anonymous said…
Nice story as for me. It would be great to read something more concerning that topic.
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