Apparently there will be no water in the isotope geochemistry lab tomorrow. I'm not sure why, but it puts the kibosh on my plan to run 16 more samples through columns. Or to drill the last of my 17 teeth. Or to get anything related to isotopes done. Which is probably fine, as there are only 3 clean beakers and I'm not entirely sure when the next batch is coming off the hotplate. Yay for bottlenecks.

On the up side, though, I might have 38 more samples run through the mass spec this weekend (each turret fits 20 filaments, but one of those is a standard), now that the machine is done chugging its way through a crapload of lead samples. But on the down side, it means I have to spend hours loading my samples onto the filaments myself. Last time, I only got through about 10 in 3 hours because it's a painstaking process that involves using a ridiculous piece of plastic tubing to pipette out 2 microliters of acid onto the sample. So it could take me all day to load one turret. Fun! Maybe I'll learn how to change the giant cylinder of liquid nitrogen. That shit fumes and is all kinds of sciencey.


Unknown said…
So I see that UNC's still completing their Master Plan-Final Solution which always involves the ol' water outages ploy.

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