Hopefully the boring strontium saga will come to an end soon. The five samples that I ran with the geochemist watching over my shoulder worked perfectly fine. I just have to exactly replicate what I did for those samples, and all should be well. Let's hope. But it means that I have 5 new results, for a total of 51 good results so far. That's about halfway there! Perhaps I will be finished with these by the end of the semester after all.

In missing bone news, I found the errant mandible. It had decided it felt more kinship with the plastic disarticulated cranium-in-a-box and was hanging out there underneath some parietals and a sphenoid. Thankfully, no need to worry my advisor with this news.

But the 3 versus 4 credit class issue has not yet been resolved, although that did involve emailing my advisor and making him deal with it. It's so disempowering to be a grad student sometimes. Well, most of the time. The student who was having a major issue with the lack of a fourth credit didn't even show up to class today, after badgering both me and academic advising for the past two days. *sigh*

And in I-knew-them-when news, Lara and Trey stopped by today to say hi! They unfortunately missed most of the class, who all absconded for the weekend early, but we had a nice visit.


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