Chairing and Writing

I just got an email asking if I'd like to chair a session at the upcoming Society for American Archaeology conference in Atlanta. Chairing isn't all that big a deal - it's a matter of making sure everyone's presentation starts, that people keep to the time limit as much as possible, and that you don't mispronounce people's names when you introduce them. But it's kind of nerve-wracking. At the last session I co-chaired, I ended up having to fix the A/V issues the paid A/V people couldn't fix, introduce people with thoughtful details, ask questions after their talks if no one else did, and give my own paper. I was a wreck by the end of the afternoon and rather screwed up the opportunity to talk to the woman who practically created the field of bioarchaeology. Can chairing at SAA possibly be worse? The session is tentatively entitled, Archaeology of Death, Space, and Identity in Europe, which honestly sounds quite cool. I suppose I should do it. I get my name in the program for chairing too!

And in second email news, I've been asked to contribute a paper to an upcoming Journal of Roman Archaeology volume on diaspora in the Roman world. This volume is growing out of a conference that I couldn't attend in England in September, but fortunately I get to add my own thoughts on migration to Rome in the Imperial period to the book. It won't come out until 2010, but my paper is due in late March. So between that, the AAPAs in late March, and the SAAs in April, my spring is going to be a mess. I need to get cracking on those strontium isotopes this weekend so that I can finish with the fuckers by the end of the semester.

So maybe things are looking up in the academic world at the moment. Now if I can just get a fellowship so that I don't have to teach next year...


Lara Newell said…
Cool! When is the SAA conference?

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