Screaming Primate

I couldn't find a parking space close to the geochem lab today, so I parked at Sitterson near a large bus stop. As I walked past, I noticed a six-pack sitting on the wall just behind the stop. The cans were large, and I assumed they were Colt 45 or something. I came closer and learned they were Howling Monkey Energy Drink. The can really caught my attention with its insane number of words, the warning that children and pregnant women shouldn't drink it, and the fact that its secret ingredient is quinine. I guess this drink will wake you up AND keep you protected from malaria.

The interwebs tell me that the makers of Howling Monkey (warning: singing, spastic site!) have opted for some kind of viral marketing campaign, doing give-aways and taste tests. But this six-pack still had a price tag on it: $3.60 per can! Plus, it was sitting next to a small plastic bucket that had a pound of coffee, a mason jar with some kind of preserves, and a thin glass jar of peach marinade. Maybe someone was visiting NC and accidentally left their recent Southern Season purchases at the bus stop?

I nearly swiped a can for Patrick. If anyone would drink a free can of insane cola with quinine and vitamins in it, it would be him. But since I don't know where they've been, I guess I have to find a place that I can legitimately purchase some.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, but no thanks. I steer pretty clear of energy drinks. But if you find a six-pack of expensive root beer just lying around outside a computer science department, feel free to swipe it for me.

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