Abstract Thinking

I need to submit an abstract by the 10th. It can only be 100 words. And I have no idea what the review committee is looking for. So, here are my two attempts; I can only send in one. Which do you think is better/more interesting/likelier to get accepted? [Too late - I had to cough up $115 (!) and register for SAA. This is my abstract.]

What makes one Roman?

The literary record provides a unified picture of what it was like to be Roman, but this picture only reflects the lives of the literate upper class. Revealing the lives of the lower class residents of Rome is still not a popular topic in Roman archaeology, and these individuals remain nameless, unromanticized by history. Skeletons from two Imperial period Roman cemeteries, however, challenge the notion that romanitas can be easily defined. Using stable isotope (C, N, and Sr) data from 52 individuals, this paper explores differences in lifestyle among males, females, children, and immigrants of the Roman lower classes.


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