DBAP Patrons and Their Lovely Clothing

Patrick, Juline, and I went to see the Durham Bulls play the Louisville Bats on Saturday night. It's not that we care about the sport in the least, it's that we really wanted tasty fried and sugary foods. Mmm, giant orange sno-cone and huge bag of cotton candy. While Patrick mostly watched the game (and the sneering baby), Juline and I watched people. Soon we were rewarded with this t-shirt, which was being worn by a seemingly harried father of two.

Me: Juline, check it out! That guy's shirt is bizarre!
Juline: Wait, what does that even mean?
Me: I dunno. Do you think he knows what beer goggles are?
Juline: Or that it's terribly inappropriate to have a picture of a kid there? Is that his kid?
Me: Jesus, what a horrific shirt. Patrick, get a picture of it.
Patrick: You guys did notice that "responsible" is misspelled, right?
Me and Juline: Hahahaha, no, we didn't!

So beer goggling is not technically in the Urban Dictionary, but beer googling is. It's when you get really drunk and surf the internet and find progressively unattractive women. Either way... why is there a photo of a (male?) child in Speedo goggles on the back of a shirt that glorifies drinking until you lose all sense of attractiveness and sleep with the first person who shows any interest? And is the typo ironic and purposeful or simply lame? For what it's worth, the front of the shirt had the name of a brewery or bar in Durham, but I can't find more info on it. If I could, I'd go by one of these shirts. You know, for Dress Like a Douchebag Day.


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